Our Old Blue School House

This is our old house. Our old house was the school for our old town and more than 6000 square feet in size. The old blue school house sat on less than one acre of land. It was time for us to start a new adventure and downsize our house and upsize the land. So we sold this house in October of 2020 and and moved into our new house on super sized land.

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Short History of Our Old Big Blue School House Turned Home

Our Old Blue School House
Our home started life as a schoolhouse in 1912. It served several different purposes along the way. In 1986 the School was purchased by a veterinarian and his family. They were very handy, and completed many important renovations.
Another Angle
Kristina purchased this home from the pervious family in 1999. October 25 of 2003, Kristina and I met and clicked instantly. We dated for 1 1/2 years before Michael and I sold our house in Ledyard to move in with her. Now this is our family’s home, and we’re constantly renovating it ourselves.