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Kristina PowellKristina Powell-Raines has had a long, exciting and varied fitness and health career.


She trained in traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do from 1987 to 2007, reaching third degree black belt. From 1998 to 2012 she was also a certified Japan Karate Association instructor. Martial arts have been well-known for centuries to instill self-discipline, focus, and self-esteem in addition to strength, flexibility and stamina.


In 1994 she entered the self-development industry by becoming a partner in a fitness martial arts school, Dynamic Karate. In 1996, she implemented Fitness Kickboxing two years before the Tae Bo boom hit. In 2000, Kristina developed Dynamic Body Transformation, a 10-week fitness and fat-loss course designed to get people in the best shape of their lives.


Thanks to forward programming, Kristina doubled sales at Dynamic Karate in less than two years, and tripled them in five. Shes helped hundreds of clients of all ages to lose weight and/or obtain higher martial arts ranks including Black Belt, and develop kickboxing and self-defense techniques, general agility and self-confidence. She has a rich history of identifying the competencies, skills and talents of individuals as well as aiding breakthroughs in personal challenge. Kristina enjoys public speaking and is a strong motivator.


In 2000 Kristina developed an energy technique called Mental Image Makeover, which is akin to acupuncture without needles. Since then she has helped many people overcome cravings, athletic performance issues, pain, phobias, low self-image, stress, subject anxiety, haunting memories, and more.


Mrs. Powell-Raines continues to add to her arsenal of inspiration. From 2005 to 2013 she served as President and Chief Instructor at New England FastFit in Preston, CT. FastFit started offering metabolic resistance training and kettle bells (in boot camp format) in 2009, fitness kickboxing from 2009 to 2013, and hot yoga in 2012 and 2013.


Kristina has been certified as a Personal Trainer (ACE, 2007-2011), Fitness Kickboxing instructor (NAPMA, 1996-2002), JKA instructor (JKA Tokyo, 1998-2012), certified in Compliance, Direction, Takedown (2001-2003) and EZDefense (2000-2005), and is currently certified with ACE as a Group Fitness Instructor (since 2009) and Turbulence Trainer (2011-2012).

Kristina entered the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1987 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1991.

In 2009 Kristina married Paul R. Raines, Jr. They enjoy renovating their 1912 schoolhouse, quad riding, and hiking local trails with their black lab Zac.

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